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5 Great Carpentry Projects For Landscaping

Did you know that¬†Money Magazine¬†said that landscaping can recover 100% to 200% of its initial cost when homeowners sell? There are many different ways to landscape your yard, but one often overlooked strategy is through custom carpentry services. When you ask experienced craftsmen to build something for you, chances are it will have a solid return on investment. If you are looking to liven up your yard, or if you are looking to sell in the future and you want to improve your property’s resale value, take a look at these backyard custom carpentry projects.

  1. Garden Fence
    This is such a simplistic idea with a lot of potential. A treated, richly stained wood, artfully constructed, could completely transform how you keep pesky rabbits out of your beautiful garden. An aesthetic spin on your utilitarian needs.
  2. Deck
    Having a barbecue with the family? What better place than your own back deck? Survey the land on your own turf. With the house just steps away, you’ll feel like you added another room altogether. Except this one has unlimited fresh air and sunshine.
  3. Pavillion
    If you have room toward the back of your property, a pavilion or gazebo could be a wonderful way to put distance between yourself and civilization without having to be exposed to the elements. Think of a pavilion as your private reflection spot. Or invite some friends out back for a night of drinking and storytelling away from the modern world.
  4. Tree House
    Whether you have kids or not, a treehouse is pretty awesome. This could be a more adventurous version of a pavilion. Plus, it’s a treehouse. That’s just cool!
  5. Barn
    Either a barn or a really tasteful shed will be indispensable and useful for tool storage and yard maintenance while you live in your home. When you move, it is a very desirable feature for future buyers deliberating between many homes. It could be the difference between a ‘maybe’ and a ‘yes.’

No matter which direction your landscaping investment goes, you should definitely consider custom carpentry projects carried out by carpentry professionals. Not only can they help you improve your home’s value but also the amount you use and enjoy your yard while you live there. Call today to learn about other services that can spike your ROI and happiness.