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Do Yourself a Favor and Put More Green Into Your Yard

What we surround ourselves with matters. This is especially true in our homes. A recent landscaping survey reported that over 60% of respondents said they’d be willing to pay more for an apartment or home if it was in an area that had good green spaces. And over half of respondents in an urban area said they wanted to see more “green areas” in their cities. In short, good landscaping — whether it’s in your own yard or simply in your area — can make a huge difference and benefit everyone. If you’re a homeowner, investing in landscaping (and hiring an experienced landscaping company) can mean a big return on investment, if you’re looking to sell down the road. If you’re a landlord or developer, it can help draw prospective renters to your building.
Why We Need More Green 
Whether at work or at home, we respond well to landscaping. A recent study showed rental rates were 7% higher when commercial offices boasted high-quality landscapes. Around 60% of potential home buyers agreed that a yard with good landscaping has some influence on whether they purchased (or not) the home and a high-quality landscaping job can boost the resale value by as much as 14%. It quite literally, pays to have good landscaping done.
The right kind of landscaping benefits us in other ways too. The right kind of plants placed properly can reduce heating and cooling bills by as much as 20% and a tree that provides shade to an outdoor air conditioner can boost its overall efficiency by 10%.
Good landscaping can also bring a feeling of peace and relaxation and offer a place to escape after a stressful week or workday. Consider it your own personal oasis!
How an Experienced Landscaping Company Can Help 
If you don’t have a green thumb or simply aren’t sure where to start, an experienced landscaping company can turn your yard around. Most commercial companies will hire an experienced landscaping company to give their office spaces the look they want, whether that’s welcoming, impressive, or soothing.
In either case, these companies can take your desires — whether it’s koi ponds, firepits, or simply planting — and make them a reality. From larger scale projects, like landscape lighting or installing patios, to smaller projects, they have you covered.
They can advise you on the newest trends, best materials to use, and offer suggestions on what might work best in your yard. They’ll likely draw up a sketch (if you don’t already have one) to show you what the finished result will look like, and then work to make it all happen. They should also provide you with a quote and information on what the installation process will entail, as well as how long it might take.
Do make sure that you’re hiring a full-service landscaping company though — a landscaping company that just works on lawn maintenance might not be able to see you through the whole process.
How Do I Keep My Yard Pristine? 
Make sure that your lawn has plenty of nitrogen — the recommended amount is three to four pounds per one thousand square feet. Applying it regularly during the growing season is advised.
If your area is prone to dry spells, try and keep off the lawn as much as you can. The grass can become brittle as it dries and is prone to be damaged easier. You should also note the signs of a dry lawn — if you can see footprints an hour or more after you’ve walked on it or the color changes to a bluish-gray, it’s time to see about watering your lawn.
Finding ways to deter wildlife (and pets) from chomping on plants or tearing things up is another way to keep your yard looking nice year round, as well as investing in seasonal landscaping, so that your yard looks full and well-kept, no matter the time of year.
Putting your money into landscaping is a worthwhile investment for a variety of reasons. Consult a landscaping company today to see how you can get started!