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6 Super Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal This Spring

If you’re like most homeowners, you understand how important it is to improve your landscaping. After all, some expert sources estimate that landscaping can bring a recovery value of 100% to 200% at selling time. But whether you plan to list your home on the market or not this spring, you’ll want to focus on your curb appeal. Now that winter has officially come to an end, it’s time to focus on making your yard and the exterior of your home look it’s very best. Let’s take a closer look at six super ways you can improve your curb appeal this spring.

  1. Create a Welcoming Walkway: Having good curb appeal typically involves making passersby feel welcomed. One of the best ways to improve your curb appeal is to focus on the pathway from the street to your front door. Outdoor walkways can instantly invite guests inside and allow them to stay safe from the short journey from their car to your porch. Pavers or brick can add charm, but these are far from your only options. No matter what materials you choose, the pathway should be clear and the design should be done in a style that complements that of your home.
  2. Add Better Lighting: Outdoor lighting is an important element of any front yard. Not only will adding LED lighting along pathways keep your friends and family safe, but it’s an excellent way to make your property seem welcoming — even late at night. Warm-colored lights are seen as the most enchanting and attractive. Don’t be afraid to try out some solar-powered lights along your pathways or some different types of architectural light fixtures around your front door.
  3. Install Some Window Boxes: Any professional landscaper will tell you that adding color with flowers and other plants can help your property stand out for all the right reasons. Even if you decide you need major help with landscaping a bit later in the season, you can add some beautiful, natural elements with ease by utilizing window boxes. These planters are an affordable and effective way to make any home stand out.
  4. Avoid the Eyesores: You can add all the amazing landscaping you want… but if you’ve got eyesores on your property, those delightful designs will always be overshadowed. That means you need to make an effort to hide or get rid of your trash receptacles, electrical boxes, brown lawns, old playground equipment, rusty lawn furniture, and other items that will undoubtedly bring down your curb appeal. You can easily camouflage certain elements with paint or with a custom storage shed, while you can enlist professional help to improve your lawn’s health. No matter what, you’ve got to declutter in order to improve your curb appeal.

Now that spring is finally here, you can get started on your seasonal landscaping — and start boosting your curb appeal. For more information on how we can help, please contact us today!