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3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal in Just a Weekend

Although summer’s come and gone, that doesn’t mean your outdoor time has to be limited. In fact, early fall provides some pleasant temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and lots of reasons to get outside in nature. Plus, it’s an ideal time to contact your landscaping design company to complete some tasks before the cold hits. But even if you have to wait a while to tackle the big stuff, there are still a few quick-and-easy landscaping projects you can take on this weekend. A little can go a long way where curb appeal is concerned. Check out these effective landscape ideas that you can complete in just a couple of days.

  1. Create a Path: Walkways frame your property beautifully and can make it much more inviting to the eye. Even if you already have a front walkway made of pavers or brick, you can still add a bit of enchantment to other places in your yard. If you have a side path through your front garden, add some charming stepping stones or create a walkway out of wood pallets for a unique look. It’s easy to salvage these materials and spend a little bit of time making sure your guests can get from point A to point B. Bonus points if you add some pretty landscape lighting to make sure the path is illuminated!
  2. Edge or Mulch Your Garden: You can instantly refresh your yard in a couple of very easy ways. Edging your flower beds by adding brick, iron, or sculpted cement to the perimeter can make your garden look very smart indeed. But if you want to be even more simple, you can make sure the lines are clean along the border using a spade and shears. Adding fresh mulch to your garden to add some depth and some much-needed moisture for your plants. Of course, you can always call your landscaping design company if you think your garden needs a bit more specialized attention.
  3. Add Some Bright Color: Arguably, there’s no better way to quickly improve your existing landscaping than to use color. You can opt for some new landscape plantings along paths or in hanging porch baskets, use some colorful flags or artistic elements, or even give your front door a fresh coat of paint. If your lawn looks a bit yellow or brown, give that some attention this weekend, too. Summer heat can be tough on plants and grasses, but if you can add some vitality and brightness back in, you’ll be good to go.

A quality landscaping job can increase your home’s resale value by up to 14%, but we all lead busy lives these days. That’s why devoting just a small amount of time to your yard might be the optimal solution for your family. There’s no reason that an easy, fast landscaping project can’t do the trick. But of course, we recommend that you contact the experts — also known as your landscaping design company — for anything you don’t want to DIY.