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How to Prepare Your Yard & Garden for Spring

Landscaped yard at a home in DelawareHow to Prepare Your Yard & Garden for Spring


With the end of winter in sight, are you ready to prep your garden or yard for spring? If you’re like us, you’re ready to grab a spade and start planting or landscaping now! But there are a handful of steps to take before getting to that stage… 

Clean Up the Space

Start by clearing away debris from your garden beds and lawn. Winter storms can wreak havoc on our gardens and yards with broken branches, leaves and more. Clean up soon, because within the next month or so your perennials could start growing, and you don’t want to step on a spring bulb. Also, now is the time to trim broken or dead tree branches and start pruning shrubs and trees.

Survey Fences, Trellises, Gates, etc. 

It’s not the most fun gardening or landscaping task, but before you start planting, check your yard for maintenance needs. Do any fence panels need to be replaced to keep out unwanted critters? Has winter weather damage made your gate or trellis start to decay?

Get the boring stuff out of the way now so that you can focus 100 percent on your beautiful yard when it’s time to start planting.

Make a Plan

Research the best plants to grow in our area, pick your favorites and plan a planting timeline so that something will always be in bloom all season long. 

Feel a little overwhelmed by the undertaking? Don’t stress. If you need spring garden or landscape prep advice, contact the Borsello Landscaping team today!