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Pretty Lawn? Pretty Patio? Or Both?

You bought the house of your dreams. But your yard? Not so much…

If the exterior of your home is in need of some TLC beyond your scope of skills, then it’s time to hire a professional landscaper.

Home’s Value Can Increase by 200 Percent

Landscapers and hardscaping teams do much more than make your yard look its best. They can increase the value of a home by as much as 200%. Some three out of five potential home buyers claim that a well-groomed yard influences their decision in picking a home. And let’s be honest – having a nice looking yard or patio just feels good when you come home at the end of the day.

Are you dreaming of a pool? An outdoor kitchen? Or a nice pathway leading to a meditation garden? Once you have your wish list for landscape and/or hardscape projects, a landscaper can discuss design and implementation ideas and bring your vision to life.

What the Experts Know and You May Not

Some smaller scope jobs you may be able to handle yourself, but when it comes to the heavy lifting projects (literally and figuratively), hire a professional landscaper and/or hardscaper.

They have extensive knowledge and experience in installing a variety of hardscape applications, as well as how to use heavy equipment (front end loaders, mini-excavators, e.g.) and also are familiar with which perennials, shrubs, evergreens, and trees would be suitable for your property. Professionals are required to know your county’s landscaping ordinance codes and will be able to determine what expansions and projects are within the code standards.

Your discussion with any landscape/hardscape team should include your vision and your budget as well as property features such as:

  • Practicality of Space – Do you want your landscape or hardscape project to be a place for entertaining? For relaxing? Or for an outdoor office or workout space?
  • Colors – Do you have a certain color scheme or pattern in mind? Every color of the rainbow? Or just hues of red or purple? Or one color theme?
  • Privacy – Will you want some type of privacy border such as fencing or shrubs? A fence in landscaping terms doesn’t always mean a wooden structure. Think high hedges or plants too.
  • Problem areas – Is there a lawn-challenged area you need to confront? Soggy land? Overgrown weeds or invasive plants? Let your landscaper know, because he/she will be able to address it.
  • Kids and Pets – If you’ll have little ones or four-legged friends running around, be sure to let your landscaper know, so they can choose the safest options for plants, flowers and mulch.

Improving Value or Enhancing Appearance

Whether you want to increase your property value, or just enhance the appearance of your home, with the right landscaping or hardscaping, you’ll find yourself thinking, “There’s no place like (my) home.”

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